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"Supervillian captures East Coast"

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I put that big link there for anyone who wants to try out the game. I don't think it's big enough, though...

By the way, I've uploaded a new demo with work on Level 3 and grenades. The grenades aren't perfect, but they're pretty entertaining.
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I had to use one of the old links in an older post, but I got it downloaded fine.

I certainly enjoy the grenades; they really even the fight against the red robot well (since you can hit him when he's jumping).

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This is meant to be a compliment...your game is mind numbingly addictive. That said, only two things that I could think of that would make it funner (for me hehe)

The jumping is a little, hard to master, seems like maybe if he fell and rose a little faster?

Also, I noticed if you are running to the left, holding the button down, and holding the button down to fire, jumping doesn't work. Is this intended? It works fine if you are moving right and firing however :D

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I just tried it, and I couldn't jump to the left either when I held down the down button. That's odd, I've never noticed that before.

Thanks to all for trying it.

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Freakin sweet. I only have 3 things to say:

The grenades make the bosses too easy, but this will probably be fixed once you implement an ammo restriction (you can hide behind the blocks and throw grenades at the first boss and you can stand on the wall and throw grenades at the second boss).

The beginning of the 3rd level is kind of dull, but its gets good as soon as the archers come in.

Also, you could add dragons to Blockyland kind of like you did with the ships in level 2 (actually, you could do a chimera, and you wouldn't have to alter anything (except for the picture) since it has 3 heads).

This game is awesome and as already stated, very addictive. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for trying it out!

The ammo restriction is my next goal. A dragon would be a cool enemy for Blocky Land, seeing how it has a medieval theme. Of course, it would have to be...a Blocky dragon[smile]

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I actually have a blocky looking dragon from back in 97 when I was trying to use RM2K, you can use it if you want:

Although, I'm not sure if it will work since it only has 3 heads (I don't know how you have your engine setup).

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