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Journalism students get NWN mod

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Why are none of my profs this cool?

Glow progress: I'm working on tooltips to make the inventory panel better, and retooling the UI to be less ugly. Expect a more minimalist HUD.
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If that prof was really cool, I wouldn't have to claim I was a 34 y/o female from Beverly Hills.

Saw this on arstechnica/digg/slashdot a day or so ago, something about bugs were witnesses were the wrong faction and attacked students like a zombie horde when they apporached the scene of the train wreck.

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You mean that detectives aren't supposed to get attacked by zombie armies? Shit, I gotta get off this CSI game's team.

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At first I thought that using a NWN mod to train journalists was silly. Then I remembered that time I was in the journalism lab doing work on the school newspaper's web site and we were visited by githyanki exchange students. So, yeah, I suppose it makes sense.

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