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I Kicked Them Off in a Fit of Joy

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As a quick note, this entry is actually even more devoid of content than usual. It was more of a thing to help me relax for a while than actually be an interesting read. All apologies in advance.

I had reserved a good portion of tonight due to the idea that I had an exam tomorrow (Thursday... So I guess that's today, now). After I checked out the semester calendar for the class, though, I found that I was about a week off in my estimates. Turns out the thing isn't until next Thursday. So, here I was with a full, wide-open night to do, essentially, nothing. I still have one of the most difficult exams of the semester coming up on Friday, unfortunately. I retrospect, I realize I should have probably spend tonight studying for that, but I'm lacking a few books which I need to, at the very least, skim. UPS has apparently hired ninjas for delivery men recently; therefore, when a package is delivered that requires a signature, they don't actually knock. Instead of this conventional method of alerting the house to a mailman's presence, they simply decide to jump from their truck to the house's doorstep in a deftly-executed maneuver, brush the door lightly with nylon gloves, and then toss one of them fancy-pants metal throwing stars with a "Sorry, you weren't here to sign, here's when you can expect us to brush the door ever-so-gently tomorrow!" What this means for me is that I can't really count on the books ever arriving (not like I was really going to study anyway). Hopefully I can scare them away with my ability to construct an extremely long run-on sentence.

Speaking of constructing sentences, it looks like I won't be getting a Creative Writing subconcentration here at ye ol' schoolyard. I got denied one of the very few spots (12-15 spots total, which were then broken down into "fiction" and "poetry" slots), which made me kind of sad. Once I actually read the rejection letter, though, I realized that not much more than my ego was harmed by the act. I can still take the senior creative writing course (a continuation of the junior one that I'm in now) next year, I just don't get to go one-on-one with a professor or some such thing like that. Would've been neat, but it's not a total loss. I think I had a pretty darn good portfolio put together, to be honest... Then again, my GPA is far, far less than that of what a good application probably should have. So, yeah, I'll blame it on that. Quiet you, let me justify the thing.

Earlier today I both finished the final season of Arrested Development and the final campaign mission of Age of Empires 3. Arrested Development really managed to stay consistently spectacular throughout and I never felt disappointed for a minute. The show's writing is brilliant and hilarious while the characters are just as fantastic. It's a show that I'm going to greatly miss, but I have a feeling I'll get a lot of laughs just from re-watching the episodes a few times (it has a lot of subtle humor). The final episode was actually kind of sad though, and seemed an odd way to end the season. One of the things I really enjoy about the show, though, is how none of the sub-plots, no matter how minor, ever seem to get overlooked. Things that I noticed were consistently brought back, if only for a single scene, and addressed -- something I wish I could say about, oh I don't know, Lost maybe? Also: Age of Empires 3's single-player campaign was a whole ton of fun to play through. I'm enjoying the skirmish mode at the moment, and I'll probably come back with more details later.

And on a closing note, Happy Birthday to my itty-bitty, teency-weency sister, Gabby, today as she turns 16. So, yeah, Happy Birthday!
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