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Week/Class 8

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So last week we spent the first half going over the platformer tutorial from the Game Maker website. Then we spent the second half grading each others game projects. We were supposed to give three to five minute presentations followed by group grading. I think some of my classmates have a time management deficiency, as most presentations went well over five minutes. That left six people who hadn't presented at the end of class.

Anyways, peer grading went by the numbers by category.

Gameplay 6 pts
Features 6 pts
Visuals 6 pts
Creativity 6 pts
Sound 3 pts
Documentation 3 pts

Strangely, the original grading was supposed to be 20 pts for the project and 7 pts for the design documentation. Somehow this got turned into 30 pts for the whole thing, but only 3 pts for the design document. This seems like crap to me, but probably worked out for most of my classmates as a whole they produced crap for the design docs. Mostly they just had simple play instructions without any detail about design. Admitedly the template we were given for the design docs was the half-page design doc for 1945 in the shooter demo, so the example wasn't that great. However, even if you just put in a single sentence for each of the headings in the 1945 doc you'd still half twice the amount of text that they had. I'd probably be less bitter about this point if the project deadline hadn't been extended twice, and the design doc requirements had been one of the week one requirements.

In any case, electronic hand-in doesn't seem to be working for me, so I uploaded a copy of my gm6 file to my webspace here and sent the instructor a link. This has the side benefit of allowing any of you with a registered copy of Game Maker to look at the file too.
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Pity I don't have game maker, your first program was good fun.

I also hate when things are extended and you have it done.

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