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That sinking feeling

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I've got that sinking feeling...

The project I've been on about recently is for my university dissertation. I've been developing it at home on some ATI SM2 hardware, but I need to use SM3 sooner-or-later and I also have to demonstrate it in the labs. Thus I have a second development machine.

It doesn't work properly on my lab machine. Both the tone-mapping and lens effects seem to be abscent.

[bawling] [bawling] [help] [bawling] [bawling]

Better yet, the tools I'm using here weren't setup - so I've had to spend the last hour trying to be nice to VC++ EE and get it to stop throwing me a bazillion linker errors [rolleyes]

Finally got a debug build running in the labs with the debug runtimes. Unfortunately the labs are about to close, so I'll have to wait till tomorrow now.

That and the stupid file storage limit we have here. I'm allowed 110mb of space. My dissertation with a full build is chewing up ~80mb and pushing me over the limit. Also means it'll be hard to run PIX in the labs. Gotta love network admins.
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Oh man that doesn't sound very fun. Hope it all works out without too much anxiety.

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Thanks for the comments!

I'll keep you guys informed - I've dropped a lot of debugging code in tonight, so I should find out what is going wrong [wink]

Or, failing that, I'll probably post back here to complain som more [lol]


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I say that you get it fixed AND complain some more! Would be twice the fun!

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