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I wanted to post here some of the ideas that I want to implement in the final version.

Please post a comment if there is something else that you think should be in the game (weapons, levels, powerups, etc)


1. Generic City (completed) - First level, featuring basic enemies and easy design.

2. Robot Town (completed) - A town being attacked by a Robot army. Battleships fly over head and shoot down at Stompy.

3. Blocky Land (In development) - Level featuring Evil Blocky people armed with Medieval weaponary.

4. Bridge - Level featuring alot of airborne enemies and alot of platforming and jumping areas.

5. Battlefield - Level featuring A vast Robot army armed with World War 2 style weaponry.

6. Final Fortress(outside) - Difficult level featuring Special Forces Robots. And of course...Ninja robots.[grin]

7. Final Fortress(inside) - The last level of the game. This level will feature arenas, which will have you face off against bunches of enemies at one time. At the end, you fight the boss of the game.


Pistol (complete) - Basic weapon of the game. You start out with this weapon and it has infinite ammo.

Minigun (complete) - Rapid firing weapon obtained in "Robot Town".

Shotgun (complete) - Spread shot weapon obtained in "Blocky Land".

Hand grenades (complete) - Powerful throwing weapon. You'll have this from the beginning also, just with very limited ammo.

Flamethrower - Fire a short range continuous burst of flame. Obtained in "Bridge".

Rocket Launcher - Fires a rocket with a large blast radius. Obtained in "Battlefield".

Ultra-distructo cannon - The most powerful weapon in the game. Fires a huge blast that continues going until it's out of range, and damages anything in it's path. Can also travel through tiles. However, it has very limited ammo. Obtained in "Final Fortress(outside)".


Jetpack - Allows Stompy to jump higher

Sneakers - Allows Stompy to run faster

One other thing. I plan to next get an ammo system working for the weapons.
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Recommended Comments

Maybe a shield/armor-type upgrade that increases Stompy's ability to take damage, or bounces bullets back for a short time.

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A force field would be pretty cool. I was origionally thinking of something that might lower damage, but making Stompy invulnerable for a short time would also be a good addition.

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Yeah, every shoot-em up needs some sort of invincibility, although since you have the health bar, it's not as critical for SR (hells yeah, acronym!).

I'm not sure if you were asking for this type of suggestion, but a particle system would do wonders for your game, even if it is a relatively simple one.

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Alternate fire for some of the weapons would be nice, but a little much. Mostly just the grenade, since having it bounce a little further would help.

I like the idea of a flamethrower (yes, I'm a pyro <_<...>_> and I was home all night last night :D) and the last gun.

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How about some kind of reflex-boost powerup that drops the speed of the game for a few seconds? (Think bullet-time type thing.) Those are always fun when fighting massive hordes of The Bad Guys. Especially ninja bad guys.

Speaking of ninjas, a knife weapon would be really cool, albeit kind of pointless.

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