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Game Themes

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Trapper Zoid


Let's see what great design themes I can base my game for March on:

I like this theme! There's so much potential for fire, yet it's quite a challenge to do with my 2D cartoonish art style. Plus in all capitals with an exclaimation mark, it could just be a scream for help. Or the command for a firing squad.

Voltron/Mecha Robots
Umm, maybe not the same scope as "fire" for ideas, and mecha robots will be a real pain to draw. I don't remember ever drawing a mecha robot, although given my fascination with the show when I was a kid I must have at some point. I do remember making my own Voltron out of toothpaste boxes because I couldn't afford the real toys though.

I guess I could pick one theme or the other, but it might be more exciting to attempt to combine both (although this might be a bit of a stretch for the one month deadline). Although combining "fire" and "robots" does remind me of the time I was at Robocup 2000 in Melbourne, when the Iranian Middle League team demonstrated one of the major drawbacks of basing your soccer robots around a diesel engine...

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I was thinking of a pirate game where you could line up next to other people and scream "FIRE!" and have the cannons explode under deck, firing chunks of wood and steel everywhere on your hapless victim's poop deck.

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Some sort of cannon barrage would make a good concept for a game. I was thinking along the same lines, except more as a medieval siege warfare (in the Monty Python vein, of course!).

Unfortunately though I've set myself the personal challenge of incorporating as many of the suggested themes as possible, no matter how stupid, which means I really ought to include giant mecha robots in there somewhere. I don't even know that much about the mecha genre, except that I loved it back when I was six and watching Voltron, but now it seems pretty silly. Guess I've got some background reading to do...

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