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Masochists United

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Take two laptops, one spanky new, one a Win 95 relic. Add the fact that there are absolutely NO two common points of access. Be told that there are important files on the dinosaur that need to be transferred to the "I, Robot" wannabe.

Decide that the best bet is to connect to an intermediate machine. Only serial connection options available. Scour the building for a suitable cable. Find crappy and crappier guides on DCC. Finally get something resembling a connection to have Windows 95 bomb out demanding a password, in spite of the fact that I have explicitly stated no password connection 5 times now.

End result? A week long headache and a dentist looking at the powered residue in my mouth wondering how in hell that happened...

EDIT: Just after I posted this, I hit one checkbox on the Windows 2000 PC, "Enable modem speaker". It connected straight afterwards.

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