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Text RPG update (post n100 in this journal!!11one)

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Emmanuel Deloget


Nothing much interesting. I was testing StarUML - the open source UML modeler - at work, so I decided to create a class diagram of the RPG rule system (read: what I've implemented so far).

Click on the image for full resolution.

The StarUML C++ reverse engineering tool is one of the best I ever used. The class diagram is rather easy to construct - but the window organisation of StarUML needs a big screen (this is not really a problem since you have a big screen, isn't it?).

I have to test the C++ code generation to see whether it can be used in a production environment.

Anyway, it's an impressive product!
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Double thumbs up! Ironically I downloaded and experimented with http://argouml.tigris.org/. I did not like the interface one bit. StarUML looks pretty cool, and I'll have to check that out.

Class diagram looks good. Your work on this text rpg is VERY helpful for me.

I'd rate you again, but sadly I just rated you for that Singleton post =).


And I don't know what your plans were, but it'd be cool to use the "Fatory Method" pattern for creature creation.

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This looks like a nice tool! It's almost a reason to start drawing funny diagrams... almost.

By the way, I don't think 'gazeous' is a word… [razz]

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By the way, I don't think 'gazeous' is a word… [razz]

My bad. As hoobyist game devers, I often read 'we create worlds', but I misread it 'we create words'. [grin]

More seriously, there is a little bug in the C++ reverse engineering tool: all the constructors and destructors are set as private, despite the fact that most of them are public.

Moreover, when it find operator=(), it displays it as either <<CppOperator>>-=(), <<CppOperator>>+=() or <<CppOperator>>#=(), depending on the acces type. It can make things more difficult to read.

Anyway, these are only small problems.

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I was just trying to generate C++ code from the class diagram created by starUML. I was almost done with it, but I am facing problem in ".h" files.
I declared all the attributes as char, int, long... in the class diagram. After generating the code noticed that all the attributes are prefixed with "int" and with "double semicolon" as :
int char type = 73;;
int short length;;
int char instance;;

It would be of great help if anyone le me the solution for the above problem!!!

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