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ASEToBin model viewer and space station interior d

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In the past days i've been working on a new update for the ASE To Bin model viewer. You can find all the details in this thread:


Note that support for Maya or Blender is still experimental ( as a few regulars have discovered ). Mostly due to the shaky nature of the plugins in these softwares ( nothing i can really fix ).

In other news, i've been discussing with Shawn about the design for the space station interiors. Shawn had made some early work on that, but honnestly i wasn't happy with it. It was looking modern, not futuristic. So i launched 3ds max and used my ( very ) basic modelling skills to show off my vision of the space station interior design. I ended up with these:

Camera inside the top room, looking down ( notice the size of JoeB's frigates in it ):

The main room (top):

What it might look like when a ship is docked ( looking up ):

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You won't see it with textures, at least not like that :) That's a simple model (6500 triangles) that i made myself just for design. Shawn is going to remake the "true" model from scratch with a lot more details. His target will be close to 25000 triangles.

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I don't see how anything THAT size would merely look "modern" instead of "futuristic" :P

You probably answered this in the forums or something, but what's the real use of flying inside the space station?

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Oh no, i couldn't draw for the sake of my life, but i actually know the basics of modeling, so the choice was obvious :)

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