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First Test Build

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Rob Loach


My education program has gone on strike and this means that classes for the week were cancelled. Unfortunately we still need to do all assigned work, but it does mean that I've had a few more hours to work on Gsl. Today marks a special day, the first "good" test build of Gsl:

Download Test

You can download the test and try it out yourself. Left click to add a blob, right click to remove one. You can also use the up and down arrows to add and remove. You'll notice that all graphics and sounds are held in resources.zip (yay PhysFS). I got it up to 50 blobs floating around before I decided to quit.

There are three things that arn't tested in this application: the font engine, the tile mapping and the scripting interface. Hopefully next test build will feature these components, but until then you're going to have to entertain yourself with this build.

Future Plans

I'm going to be implementing the concepts introduced with SdlDotNet.Particles in the efforts to create a particle system for it. I should also get around to implementing a simple Pong clone, that would be nice. Also need to somehow test it on Mono (it should work).....

Random Interest

VS2005 TE vs Kidney
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That picture doesn't do it justice. Around 400 sprites I started having a really nice acid flashback. [cool]

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