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Missile Attack and Defense Walls

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Last night I spent about 6 hours working on getting the special actions implemented. I was heading into some new territory with TGB (Torque Game Builder, previously known as T2D) code-wise so it was slow going in some spots, but I pushed through. By the end of the nite I had two actions implemented, and these were the biggest of the 5 in terms of making them happen. The other three are relatively easy.

Here's the gallery. Enjoy! Tonight I'm going to be staying home and working on some more actions (among lots of other stuff on my plate right now!)

This Red planet has been targeted for destruction! Dum dum dummmm!

And she's away! Awwooooga! Awooooga! Incoming!


Now the Red planet has lost a ring but the Blue planet the attack was launched from also lost a ring as payment for carrying out the special action

We're about to place a defense wall. Upon clicking on the system you move the mouse around the system to position the arrow. Another click annnnd...

Presto! A wall is erected. Now we're going to test its defense capabilities by exploding the Red planet beneath it

Behold, the Blue planet remains unaffected. Red's hostile takeover is thwarted.

Now lets test the walls up against a supernova

As you can see, only a few planets survived the onslaught of a tidal shockwave. Flipping back to the earlier image, only the adjacent systems (up, left, down, right) with walls pointed at the star survived, and for systems on a diagonal if they did not have two walls erected in the corner towards the star the shockwave got through and wiped them out.

Whoops, I forgot to code in that walls also thwart missile attacks as well. I'll take care of that real quick. Walls also block players from expanding onto their own planets. I debated for a while whether to allow planets of the same type to pass through walls and decided to leave it as it is - walls block any and all planets - to make players think twice about just throwing up a wall.

More updates coming later today!
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Wish I could say. No public demo release scheduled as of yet unfortunately

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