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Damnit Redux.

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[a continuation of Damnit. 2 posts down.]

So apparently I didn't have to justify myself at the interview. I didn't even have an interview. Based on the strength of the programming test alone I got this offer: 'come on for a month at and if it works out, we'll negotiate then. If not, eh, not.'

Now, the commute is terrible. The company is... terrible as far as I can tell (funding is from another wing of the company which is not software, largely mundane, and market driven). And their product idea is fine, though I'm highly skeptical that it will have any market legs.

But, the product is in C#. I likely would be hired on as a full Software Engineer, no Assoc/Jr. stuff. And the place has shown that they're easy going, and generally a meritocracy (which is good for my situation).

So random GameDev passersby, what do you think? Is getting that first Development experience on your resume worth it? Should I even consider this sort of temp to perm offer?
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My personal opinion is that there are times in life when it is in your best interest to take a crappy job, just to help as a stepping-stone to better stuff in the future. Of course, just be sure to remember that you're taking a (possibly) crappy job, and know when to cut your losses and move on.

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