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Out of Ammo

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Ok, I got an ammo system working. I suppose now I should go and complete Level 3. I came up with a great idea for a boss, and I might just get started on that.

I also kindof wanted to make more of the weapon ideas that I've had.

Especially the "Ultra-Distructo Cannon", which is the Stompy equivelent of the BFG. And one weapon that I feel has been neglected in games recently, the flamethrower[evil]
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lvl 3 was kinda slow for some reason.

Can you set it up so that gernades can hurt stompy???
cause right now i just used the gernade to go through every level willy nilly :)

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Well now that I've set up the ammo system, there is only a small amount of grenades available to use. This means that it is not possible now to go through a level just using grenades.

The current demo still has infinite ammo, so I'm thinking I should upload a new one.

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