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Well, adding wall detection for the missile attacks wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. In fact I still haven't finished it. I'm having the missile collide with the edge of the system tile so that I can use the callback function to check for any walls in the way. If there are none then I just restart the missile's movement towards the planet. Sounds simple, but I'm doing something wrong, because the missile refuses to budge towards the planet after colliding with the tile!! Arrgghh! I finally caved in after two hours straight trying to figure it out and posted on the GG forums. We'll see what happens. *sigh*

So tomorrow's a busy day for me. I have to wake up around 4:45am (yes, AM) in order to drive up to Staten Island for the SpikeTV commercial shoot at 6:30. I wasn't picked to be one of the stunt guys but they did offer me some extra work so what the heck? So I'm doing that until like 10 or so and then heading back to NJ to go to the IGDA chapter meeting and give my presentation on GDC. Afterwards I might go out with some of the chapter members to talk shop and then I'm hitting the road once again to travel to north-eastern PA to hang with some friends for the rest of the weekend. Play RISK, GameCube, shoot pellet guns - all that fun stuff [grin]

Be back on Monday - you all behave while I'm gone! [wink]
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