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Progress Report

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After the dog awoke me for his 4:30 am pee, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I spent two hours coding up that Connect dialog as mentioned previously. Here's the results, with a little shadowrect to show the actual dialog size since I've put off making background textures and borders:

The devart buttons work, as does esc to close, tabbing between entry elements, and enter on host goes to port, and enter on port tries to connect. Clicking on the [rather nondescript] textentry boxes will also activate them.

Currently there's still a quirk. The cursor (yes, it blinks) doesn't start where it should because of how it positions itself in the text and how the rectangles are updated. Once anything is done to a textentry field it then functions as expected. I need to track down a quick solid fix for it, but the fix is likely to be in the textgrabber code not the cursor, making a solution trickier than it perhaps aught to be.


After a good nap, I tracked down the cursor bug, and fixed it. One line and an anonymous delegate later and it's fixed (trigger a cursor update when a rect-change message is recieved, not just on movement or re-rect). Glad that went well and easily.
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