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Bloom and dynamic objects

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As always if i get bored by some parts i don't like(bot AI) to implement i insert some others which are more fun and need to be done [smile]

First i nearly finished dynamic objects handling. Placement of these objects is read from a lightwave scene and set with objects class. Lighting of objects is working too. They are lit by the near lights. But still no shadow casting.
Problem i have with more lights is that pixelshader(combined bump and spec lighting) slows down engine a lot. Are there optimization flags i missed [rolleyes] [help]? May be the shader is just too long...

Second thing i did last week is to finalize Bloom effect.
I do not like it if whole scene would be overbright so i did not apply it too strong.
On back of hostage you can see it best.

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Looking impressive as usual [grin]

Problem i have with more lights is that pixelshader(combined bump and spec lighting) slows down engine a lot.
Sadly, nothing hugely special here; per-pixel effects can get expensive very easily [smile]

Without more details it's difficult to say, but you can add in optimized routes for higher shader models and do multiple lights per pass (commonly done using ps_3_0).

It's also quite common to hear about LOD shader effects. For objects close to the camera you use the full-resolution pixel shader, for middle-distance you disable bump mapping, for far distance you switch to per-vertex. The idea being that the further the geometry/pixels are from the screen the less likely the end-user is to notice...


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Thanks for infos.
The performance problems came with ps_3_0 because of a loop for multiple lights. In ps_2_0 i only support 1-3 lights because of heavy limitation in length of code, no. of commands, etc.

I inserted LOD in ps_3_0 and it gets a lot faster now.

Thanks again for this excellent tip [smile]

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