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Some hardware update.

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A few days ago I've ordered from tigerdirect.com the final items for my totally quiet PC.

They were a passive big ass, 45 USD heatsink, and a 450W PSU that had a 12CM fan. I've also ordered a nice refurbished wireless keyboard and [air] mouse.

Everything was OK except that the idiots from Tigerdirect shipped me the WRONG PSU. It is a 450W PSU, by the same company, but it has to fucking loud 8CM fans, that you can hear allover the house.
And from talking with other people, Tigerdirect does that pretty often.
I could send it back and get the right PSU, but I'd have to pay for the shipping to them, and it's an extra hassle. I guess I will just open the PSU, remove one fan, and put some resistor on the other fan to lower it's speed.
Pretty annoying though.

Other than that, my otherwise quite PC runs very nicely, I've installed Mepis Linux on it and I can view movies on my HDTV, listen to music, etc. And it will server as a local EL test server as well.

Speaking of hardware, Friday I got my Torq 120/Eten m600 GSM phone/Pocket Pc.
It's a very impressive device, I am in love with it. It has a few minor software bugs, but other than that it's great. Using Skype on it is a much better experience than using it on a normal PDA. The sound is perfect, and the other person hears me better as well.
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Whats the problem with the noise? You can use some music to cover it when you are near pc. My office server sounds so loud that sometimes when we have a power interruption I ask myself "why is the air conditioner still working?". At home I have a lot of stuff placed inside an old 8086 case, the power supply is in the front, in space previously used for the 5 1/4 drive, sending the noise and hot air to me. So, there is people in worse condition than you.

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Considering the fact that this computer is in the livingroom, and it has to stay on 24/7, I would like it to be as quiet as possible.
Some people might not mind some noise, but why not getting rid of it if possible?

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Of course. Until reading your post I havent had noticed how noisy are the computers around me. As I said, my server fans sounds as loud as my 2 air conditioners. Simply Im used to noisy equipment and the concept of "silent" fans sounds weird to me.

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