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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates, school's been kicking me in the balls, and I haven't been able to get much done until this weekend. But now that I have stuff to report, its journal time!

Download Today's Video (7.94 MB)

Coding Stuff
I pretty much spent most of my time today writing network code so we could play the game over the LAN in my house. It took me awhile to figure out what the hell I was doing on account of me not doing any network programming for a long time now, but after I re-learned RakNet, everything went pretty smoothly.

My crowning achievment for today is a Text Input Box I wrote that allows the player to type in a sentence, and then have the message displayed on everyone;s screen that is in the game. Tomorrow if I have time I will also probably try and implement some console controls into it so that I can spawn ships and stuff without having to exit the game.

Here's a screeny of a battle group using Mark's new miscellanious textures (such as the movement squares).

The Creative Side
Mark has been hard at work trying to complete the Archangelesk Carriers, so not much has come out of his "workshop" besides the quality Carrier you can see below:

Well, it's late and I've got to get up early tomorrow, so I will talk to you guys later!

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