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New phone!

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So, I got a new mobile phone. The Sony Ericsson W800i. The camera is great, so I thought I might aswell give you some insight into where I work.

Thats my computer. Here is another picture...

And here is the view from my room, just outside Oslo, the norwegian capital...[grin]

And lastly, my collection of games:

The mobile phone also has a radio, and can be used to record movies. But the main use is to listen to music, in addition to the normal things like Conversations, SMS, MMS etc. And I have to say that the sound quality is just as good as that on an iPod.

I need to look at it some more, I haven't touched 70% of it's functionality. [smile]

Oh, project is going ok, but slow!
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Please keep in mind that many of those games you see there are 3+ years old. And there's alot there that I have never played(just a permanent loan from my friends [grin])

But no, I don't have a real life [smile]

EDIT: Oh, if you look at the top of that gamebox picture you'll see some football(soccer, for you americans) trophees. So I'm not like, a tummy or something(Sorry if offended)[smile].

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