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Assignment 1!

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So, last post (only a couple of days ago I know) was informing you all/myself that I was reenrolling at uni. Well, I have just completed Assignment 1 for STA2300 (Statistics/Data Analysis). Now, this assignment is due at the end of this week. THANKS A LOT USQ! To be fair though, this will be the second week of the semester, though I wasn't enrolled until Thursday last week. That is what you get for enrolling last minute and being dicked around by University Administration.

One problem for the Assignment was that I was doing it last night I was also suffering from perhaps the worst migrane ever, which inhibited my ability to think effectively. Fortunately the Assignment was a fairly easy one to do as it was more about making students read the handbook than actually do anything course related. One thing I have to pick about is that one question was "What is the title of the first message on the Discussion Group". Well, I read the book backwards, forwards, upside down, inside out etc. The answer wasn't in there (not that I expected it to be) but any mention to a Discussion Group, or how to access this was completely absent. I wouldn't normally mind about things like this except that the Assignment states that all answers can be gleaned from the book (or are linked to from the book)

After a quick google search I found the first clue, managed to log in to the appropriate area, and managed to access the Discussion Group. I was in the mind to post up an abusive message, but that probably wouldn't assist with my studies at all.

Ah, the fun of University. I can hardly believe I ever considered going back to the shit-hole.
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er.. no I am not a communist. Though I have the choice of that Icon (which was programmer ones) or the loonix penguin. I usually like to stick with the single icon, which used to be the smiley with sunglasses - but I don't have the option to choose that anymore.

I use the communist one because it stands out more :P

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I wish I had access tothe standard icons personally :( I want my cool smiley back [cool]

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