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First semi-functional test of my GUI

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The ground textures are from a free texture pack from Here - Found via Garage Games.

The Unit sprites are borrowed from Relic Entertainment, they'll get swapped out whenever I find an artist.

The Unit Portrait is borrowed from Relic Entertainment, it'll get swapped out whenever I find an artist.

The Font is Arial Black.

The GUI Windows are using a simple Window PNG I cooked up and stretching it to scale.

The GUI windows are all configurable(width/height/xpos/ypos/type) via a text file - sadly support for handling different 'types'(Unit Info, FPS, Unit Portrait) require hard-coding into the GUI itself. I'd like to try and script as much of this as possible at a later point.

However, the GUI supports hot-swapping themes at any time once the GUIManager object has been created.

The engine itself is built like ghetto housing, and isn't half a modular and cool as I wish it would be. A lot of the various components rely far too much upon other components(The GUI is pretty much tied in tightly with the World object, just so it can retrieve Unit information, for instance. However, ravuya's excellent Propane Injector library has saved me a lot of time in the coding of underlying features like image loading and rendering.

I'm just running with the WH40k theme for now since I was in a big Dawn of War kick when I started the project. It'll get swapped once I finish up the engine and focus on an actual theme.
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I gotta say: I'd have never imagined the many uses PI2D could get put to especially after its start.

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