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First few days into Project Vulcan

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Trapper Zoid


I guess this is technically the start of day 3 of my attempt to throw together a game around the themes of "fire" and "Voltron-esque", which I have codenamed "Project Vulcan". I'm starting to warm to the challenge; it's starting to become a fair bit of fun. The goal is to see how much of a game I can put together before Easter.

For the last couple of days I've been mostly trying to figure out what I'm going to do. I'm not really a master at planning, so for this first practice project I think I'll just attempt to throw it whatever I think will work and just see how it turns out. There's a bunch of stuff I'd like to try on the programming side of things (such as storing settings in XML) that this would be a good sample project to start experimenting with.

Also, since it's the start of the project, I've been spent a large part of my dev time experimenting with concept drawings trying to visualise the "feel" of the game. Unfortunately I just can't seem to draw decent looking giant robots. I thought I'd start with taking the suits of armour I drew for "Project Jack" and mechanising them, but while they look promising they just don't seem "right". Thankfully I can wait until next week before having to implement the things, but it's a bit annoying given that "giant robots" is one of the themes. Incidently, I also can't seem to get the fire looking right either...

But I wanted to play around with Inkscape a bit more, so I drew up a sample mech pilot costume with a "Voltron-esque" feel:

Click for larger version

Whether or not this guy actually appears in the game is debatable, but at least he sets the look. Guess I can start working on the game code and art now!
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