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I figured out that THAT much people want to see real-time what I see from my appartment window AND comment about it, so I post it in my journal. I'll include a permalink to this post in the journal header in no time - it's really, mainly for the comment support.

Enjoy the view:
click for big


Noticeable facts about this picture:

- The view is looking South, hence East to the left and West to the right

- The white flat area in the center (a little towards the top) is a (junior?) high school sportsground; every weekday, starting at roughly 9:00 AM, local time, you can see this area filled in dark blue, which is actually the full crowd of school students gathering for the 9-to-10 compulsory exercise session... You're really just missing the orchestral march song accompanying their moves :) The school buildings are the tall concrete cubes located to the left of this area.

- The red area in the center-right of the picture are NOT Chinese flags, but merely triangular red flags on the rooftop of a small on-the-street restaurant (although I probably need to make sure of that)

- The clearer area on the center, left border, is actually a typical Chinese (or should I say, asian) wood roof structure being renovated; you'll probably "see" it being rapidly built

- The whole typical small houses area (called hu tong in mandarin) seen in the picture dates back to the Qing dynasty, and is actually located between series of 6+-floor modern residential buildings (including mine); such typical areas are on the verge of extinction in cities all around China, though a few in Beijing are now protected by law (note that I don't advocate blindly for the conservation of such houses, because, as is, they pose serious hygyen issues)
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