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Let's do something else, now!

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Emmanuel Deloget


In the quest for our perfect RPG rule system, we are at a point where we can see it in action. It is now time to calm down, to let ideas come in again, and to do something else - we know that we'll have to come back later, since not everything had been implemented (magic? creature states?).

So far, here is what we've done:

[clicky for full resolution]

Now, let's implement the game itself (after all, that what we really want [smile]).

The game have to implement all the races, objects, creature behaviors and possible actions that will be used. I will limit myself to a bunch of creature races (human, orcs, elves and some other kind of monsters) and a small number of objects. Anyway, the framework is easily extended by new classes.

The classes I've already done are:
  • CreatureActionFactory: factory of creature action; we'll change this factory to handle the creation of actions (thus, we'll be able to handle the input/output system in the actions themselves, without modifying the game code itself)
  • CreatureBehaviorBase: inherit CreatureBehavior to embed an action factory
  • CreatureBehaviorPool: a pool of CreatureBahaviorBase
  • CreatureRacePool: a pool of CreatureRace
  • CreatureRaceBase: the base class of all our creatures; it implements the populateSkillList() method - hence, all our creatures will have the same skill list
  • CreatureRaceHuman: the first creature race - the human race:)

See ya later, dudz!
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Your journal is one of the biggest inspirations for me to make my RPG. That's a really nice design too.

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