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When I go to the doctors with an 11:30 appointment, why, then, do I wait until 12:50 to actually see him? Hello, I'm paying YOU money, you should be waiting on me!!

Sadly, all doctors are like this, and there's no competition to go to.

A few years ago, there was a new TV station created, called Spike TV. Spike Lee sued them because he said that people would always associate the channel with him.

Someone mentioned "Spike TV" to me today, and I thought "Isn't that the station owned by that Spike guy?".

Of course, I'm pretty sure that the only reason I think that is because of the lawsuit. I don't think I ever would have made the connection until he sued them.

Interesting how that works.

I didn't actually start working on my Battleship clone. Instead I rearranged my apartment, got out my exercise bike, and started working out again.

Of course I didn't work out ALL weekend. That would be ridiculous. For the rest of the weekend I created a little fitness logger program for myself (because all existing solutions are dumb and I can't afford them anyways).

I can finally replace my 5-megabyte excel file. The funny thing is, this program stores MORE data than my excel sheet, while at the same time being only 24kb in size.

Excel sheet: 5237 kb
TFL file: 24 kb

The Excel sheet is 218x larger. Jesus.
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nah, heart rate of zero makes for an easy session for the doctor. Can scam the patient out of a good 30-40 minutes worth of hard earned cash before dropping the obvious one...



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Someone mentioned "Spike TV" to me today, and I thought "Isn't that the station owned by that Spike guy?".
My first thought is "isn't that the network that plays nothing but pro-wrestling and 007 marathons?"

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