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The answer was: Breakout!

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I finally went back and fixed the problems with pausing. Before, you could hold down the pause button and it would continuely pause and unpause. That is fixed. Also, thanks to some help in the forums, I was able to fix the game so that it pauses when the window is minimized.

The classic arcade game I was referring to yesterday was Breakout (imaginary cookie goes to Sir Sapo for guessing right). The BlockKing will be bouncing around the arena like a breakout ball. Every time he hits the floor, he breaks a little bit off of it. Therefore, you must be able to beat this boss before he completely destroys the floor, dropping you to your doom.

I said Breakout, but this boss is really inspired by a boss in a Sonic game. I thought it was a really great idea, and just had to use it.

I plan to upload a new demo tomorrow, in case anyone wants to try out the game with the ammo restriction.
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Yes! Is it a sugar cookie, because I've had enough chocolate chip for today...

That sounds like a cool boss, I hope you can get it to work like you want it to, because that would be kickass!

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Suger it is[grin]

I think it should be pretty easy to do. In fact, I might have the bouncing and breaking part of it done tomorrow.

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