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More progress and revamping

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Currently revamping the gameplay for the first part of the game, the previous rules I had just weren't fun enough.

Now it works as follows: Enemies sometimes have numbers on them. When it is defeated, you add that number to the "blocks" at the top. Certain blocks have stats underneath them; the value of the stat increase is relative to the number you just obtained. When all blocks are full, you get a bonus, and then the next block layout will appear.

For the 2nd part, the rules will remain the same. Blast all the enemies that have misspelled words on them.

The last part of the game, will be the boss, which I have only implemented a placeholder graphic for.

I have also finalized the name for this game: Cognizance.

Here is picture with the "3-way shot" in use:
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Given your game is about a magic-wielding hero against word-based enemies, I was thinking something along the lines of "Spellmaster" might be more appropriate as a game title [grin].

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Yeah, that is a nice suggestion (love those double meanings!) but too bad it is already taken :(

The game isn't entirely based around words (it used to be, but it wasn't very fun after I tested it). There are basically 3 "phases" of gameplay I have planned. The "word-blasting" part is in the 2nd phase. Each phase is somewhat related, so hopefully it will all work out in the end. I am mainly going for variety and replay value.

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Hehe, you could say that :) Actually it is a winged spider, they move pretty fast though, so I'm hoping that the players wouldn't notice.

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