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Change the World

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Integration, Parametrics, Polar Coordinates -- Oh My!

So I studied for 10 hours today on nothing but Calculus and I will likely fail the exam that I have tomorrow. Someone gave me a refurbished brain and I dare not point the finger... - A fairly new blogging site, destined to change the world. I definitely like the road that they are taking. Should be interesting to watch the community grow.

So I've been working on the side project with some breaks that I squeezed between studying/classes and I have a good portion of the initial setup done. Now I'm working on some programmer art to fit into it to get a feel for how the game will be played. I'll be hosing a good friend of mine up for some artwork once I get a solid complete level and from there I'll branch out into the many levels I plan on tackling while the art is being composed.

So, we'll see.

Take Care everybody,
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