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T3h Console!!!1!!one!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone,

Today was a pretty productive day codewise, because I wrote a cool little string interpreter for the console in our game, so now you can call useful commands from within the game, and have them carried out real-time. The commands I've coded so far range from Connecting and Disconnecting from a game server, to spawning new ships, to..... ok, thats all the ones I wrote today, but thats besides the point[grin]

Here's a little video showing the console "in action!"
Download the Video (3.66 MB)

Anyways, you pretty much pull up the console (yes, I broke the "pull down the console" paradigm), and then you can either jsut type a message, which gets displayed to everyone connected to the game, or you can put a '/' in front of your sentence, and use some cool commands. A good example is spawning another ship. In order to spawn a new ship, you type the following into the console


So in order to spawn a "Dover" class destroyer at the cordinates (5,6) with allegiance to player 1, you would type:


and then a Dover class destroyer would appear at those coordinates. All in all, I'm pretty happy that it works as well as it does, given that I coded it in an hour at school.

In other news, I got the game running over the LAN in one of my classrooms, which was pretty cool, except that some actions are still only handled locally (ie. attacking, launching fighter, etc), so the game quickly got out of synchronization, and crashed, but it's no big deal, all I have to do is change a couple lines to send a packet instead of doing an action directly. It was pretty cool seeing the game actually running over a network though, so count my morale boosted!

Mark has been working on trying to finish at least one of each class of ship for the 2 main factions in the game, and IIRC, he's almost there. We are planning on having more than 1 different type of ship in each category (ie. BattleCruiser, Destroyer, etc), with each ship fulfilling a specific role in the fleet, like fighter suppression, missile defense, sensor platform , etc. Personally, I can't wait until we have most of the ships done, so we can start balancing out the classes, and get some LAN matches going.

Here's Mark's latest creation, an unfinished Fleet Carrier for the Archangelesk Dominion.

Mark and I have been having trouble coming up with a name for this game ("Space Strategy Game" just doesn't cut it[wink]), so if any of you guys have suggestions, let us know.

Well, I've got to go, so I'll talk to you guys later!

P.S. If you guys feel like it, here's a link to a propaganda speech Mark wrote that we want to include in the game's intro. Critiques anyone? Propaganda Speech
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Yep, I'm not feeling quite right.

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