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Virtual PC

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Rob Loach


Krisc brought up a video about a Managed OS in which they talked about developing an operating system in C#. During the interview, they mentioned they were using Virtual PC for testing and this made me realize that Virtual PC would be an awesome way to test my own stuff in Linux.

So I picked up a copy of Virtual PC along with the install CD of Kubuntu and had a hack at it. This is the aftermath:

Kubuntu via Virtual PC

It runs a bit slow, but that's to be expect when it comes to Virtual PC. I think I like Gnome more then KDE when it comes to desktop environments, so I'm considering switching back over to Ubuntu rather then Kubuntu.

Although the main purpose of this experience is to test out some of my projects in MonoDevelop, it is also nice to be able to try my hand with the Linux-scene. I always wanted to try it out and now I have the chance without having any permanent screw ups with my system. Virtual PC really is an amazing tool. Which do you prefer, KDE or Gnome?

Random Interest

Feuer Frei - Ascii Edition
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wow, just read back a few entries in your blog, this GSL thing looks pretty impressive. And the fact you are on several projects AND studying? Awesome.

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Rob: I have a couple Linux machines and a bunch of OS X machines if you ever need some testing done. I just need to figure out how to install Mono and GTK# properly for OS X...

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I prefer the look of Gnome, but all I really do is open a bunch of terminals on Linux. In my experience, developers who have to use it day in and day out almost universally prefer KDE.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone [wink].

I should put more work into Gsl and see what it came turn into. I've been stuck with time-based collision detection lately. Although VMWare works, I find it not as user-friendly as Virtual PC [smile].

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Does Virtual PC let you choose which network card you want to use for each VM? I have my VMware Workstation set up to use my WiFi card so it stays independent of my other internet connection.

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