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Horrible Game Design

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A lesson in bad design.


As a kid, I used to have a love/hate relation with this game. It was impressive, you got to kick ass, giant mutant reptile things were cool, and you beat shit up.

Problem was, never ever, never ever got past the race on level 3.

As such, I hadn't seen the other 90% of the game until I watched the above "speed run". The game is constantly throwing new things are you, where most of the stuff is trial and error. You only have a fighting chance w/ a Nintendo Power map and a month of practice.
Even with a guide, you are destined to get to each level, and fail completely learing how that level functions, but by that time, your out of lives w/o a save system. (Game Genie for the win).

Alternatly, the graphics were very impressive for the NES, to bad not many people ever got to see it. Compare BattleToads to Bubble Bobble and it's no contest. The minial graphics, fun gameplay, a dual player mode that doesn't punish you (BattleToads is one of the few games where a second player makes the game harder, if not impossible.) and very simple story. Bubble Bobble and Duck Hunt were great games to break out, even in college on those slow days.


If someone did this w/ a pinto, I'd be all over a pinto.
Watch Gemini dancing
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