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I must know

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Somebody please tell me why I need HDTV.

It's apparently quite important, because the gubment is planning to force all broadcasters to change the signal so that every little rabbit-ears TV in the US will stop working. . .unless you buy a convertor-box for approximately 5X the worth of the TV itself.

I've seen HDTV. I see 'em over at Best Buy, inevitably playing some undersea documentary from the Discovery Channel. I can't much tell the difference between 'em and ordinary TV's.

At least when they stopped making leaded gas, there was a compelling reason to do so (i.e. airborne lead is a mite toxic). It wasn't just the car companies lobbying the gubment to make people to replace their old cars with new ones. Also, it only affected cars that were at least ten years out of production. OTOH, I can buy a new rabbit-ears TV today that won't be able to receive a signal in a couple of years.

I have a plan for the games:

1. Finish Shi Sen Daily Puzzle.
2. Make standalone versions of the (now four) existing daily puzzles.
3. Make two more daily puzzles.
4. Make standalone versions of those, for a total of six.
5. Bundle together the six standalone games for a price.
6. Release all six daily puzzles for free on the site, only now with an ad imploring you to spend a couple of bucks on the standalone ones if you wanna play more than once a day.

My Software Review Queue. . .

1. ZBrush (review is basically complete)
2. re-review Project Dogwaffle Professional (now a fancy boxed product)
3. Carrara Studio 5 Pro.
4. N-Sided Quidam (haven't received yet, but is supposed to be released this week)

I also have a few books to review. I finally slogged through the Nth edition of "How To Write Role Playing Games in DirectX", which was rather discouraging, as Premier/Thompson/Course/Cougar/Mellencamp still feels the need to strap a 300 page DirectX tutorial on the front of their books to pad the page-count. I thought they were getting away from that with their "focus on" books, but they then dumped that. Too bad.
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You need HDTV because it's good for you. So sayeth the computer. The computer is your friend.

Oh, and ... "Resistance is futile!"


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You need HDTV because the media companies need a new reason to sell you all of your movies and VHS tapes again, since they're obviously completely out of ideas and it's hard to come up with new ones.

Face it, watching Law and CSI: Criminal Elevator Death Squad Sheboygan in plain old 320i resolution just won't cut it anymore.

Personally, I hope the people of this country are smart enough to realise that it's a complete waste of money, so the entire movement fails.

But I've been known to put too much faith in humanity before.

List of technologies I refuse to buy:

Anything that treats me like a criminal. Which rules out HDTV, Blu-Ray, HDDVD, etc...

Little Pink Houses indeed.

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I might be mis-remembering, but I thought the 'public good' argument put forth was that the frequencies currently used for TV would be redistributed for cell phone and wireless internet demands.

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And proving my point...


Ice Cube to star in "Welcome Back Kotter" movie

LOS ANGELES (AP)—"Welcome Back Kotter" is being made into a movie, with Ice Cube taking over for Gabe Kaplan in the starring role.

Cube tells "Variety" that he's a big fan of the original show.

Kaplan shares the rights to the series and he's been resisting a movie version for years. But he says he likes the way this project is shaping up.

Does anyone want to start up a new Hollywood?

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Oh god it just doesn't end...


20th Century Fox's film version of classic 80's soap "Dallas" with director Robert Luketic is heating up in the casting stakes reports Variety.

Jennifer Lopez has been offered the part of Sue Ellen Ewing, Luke Wilson is negotiating to play Bobby Ewing, John Travolta has an offer to star as J.R. Ewing and Shirley MacLaine is down for the part of Miss Ellie Ewing.

The infamous sudser chronicled the exploits of wealthy Texas oil millionaires and their shady business dealings and dysfunctional families. The series centered on the Ewing family, led by patriarch Jack Ewing, who started family corporation Ewing Oil.

If the deals come to fruition, production is likely to commence in October after Travolta has finished up a starring role in New Line Cinema's bigscreen version of Broadway hit "Hairspray".

Hey at least they aren't remaking Knight Rider... Oh wait...

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Does anyone want to start up a new Hollywood?

I can't be bothered to do that much work, but I'm absolutely down with going and killing off most of the people in the current Hollywood.

I personally only have HDTV capability (via my LCD projector) because it was hard to find one without it. It's nice - I can definitely see an improvement in quality, especially on an 84-inch screen - but I also fail to see why it's so darned vital. I mean, I despise the low quality of VHS (vs. DVD) as much as the next guy, but if we suddenly had some quantum time warp and everything was back to VHS quality, I wouldn't exactly be rioting in the streets. It's a luxury as far as I'm concerned.

Frankly the fact that there's a government-related push to move to HDTV is kind of scary... shouldn't they be staying the hell out of the free market?

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You don't need HDTV. It's just that once you watch your favourite movie or TV show with high definition resolution, watching normal resolution TV looks like complete crap....

...Or maybe I just spoil myself.

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You won't be getting HDTV (High-definition TV), just DTV (digital TV). Basically, same content, same resolution, same quality, but uses less of the signal spectrum.

Of course, this is about money, and the US government stands to make about $10 billion on the sale of the now-free spectrum, part of which will be used to subsidize converter boxes for those without TVs capable of handling the digital signal.

This isn't about pushing HDTV, it's about making boatloads of money selling the now-free spectrum (Intel wants part of the 700MHZ TV band for WiMax, since it has much higher range the the 5.8GHz band they are working in now).

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So sayeth the computer. The computer is your friend.

Friend Citizen rcarey1, report to the Torture Chamber for reprogramming and termination. The Computer is your friend.

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