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Just shoot me now...

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I tried my hand at 3D modelling and texturing again. What do you think?

I'm thinking that the textures need a bit of work, and the normal mapping needs more emphasis (think I can get NVDXT to do that though)...

I impress myself with my stupidity at times. I mean, really impress myself.

I dropped the above models in the other day, and they were completely FUBAR'd. D3DX's automagical adjacency/smoothing removed any sharp lighting from the above objects. So I implemented a trivial function that breaks any adjacency information for faces whose angles are below a certain threshold.

Thing is, it was still a bit broken. Better, but still getting some really odd results (the tops of the 4 smaller walls in the above shots were wrong) - figured my adjacency "fix" had broken something.

Spent a while checking the code, then implemented a debug check to draw the TBN axis' on the screen (the short R/G/B lines you can see at each vertex). Seems that there was no problems there.

So I figured my shaders were busted - spent ages messing with those, couldn't find anything there either.

Finally, I decide that maybe the model was exported in a dodgy way. So I go about making another model (the larger wall in the middle).

So a little while later, and I had to reconstruct this new model into the engine's XML format. Simple enough, but I decided to use the previous model as a base/template to save me some typing.

Open it up and go "hmm, thats odd". I hadn't finished all the textures or the XML for the original model.

More specifically, it meant that the code wasn't using "real" data and the shaders were reading from NULL textures - default values. Which is why my lighting was FUBAR'd - it was reading in <1,1,1> normals for every pixel.

So as of right now I feel like quite the muppet. Wasted a whole day debugging an error that didn't exist.

Please, just shoot me now.
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haha that's classic. I recently thought I'd be clever by rendering the terrain in my water's reflection at a lower LOD than usual, thinking hey it'll be distorted no one will notice right? 4 debugging hours later after trying everything i could think of to fix the gaps at the shorelines I realized my foolishness.

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