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I've been thinking a bit about how to model a robot in my game. While I'm going to be making the game in 2D, it just seems to make sense to model a blocky robot with a 3D modelling program and take snapshots to use as 2D sprites.

The problem is that I haven't actually used a 3D modelling program in depth, and I'm not sure what's available. I did once try Blender, but the learning curve on that is horrendous. While I'm up to try Blender again, does anyone have any suggestions for a simple, preferrably free (or cheap) 3D modelling program that I could use to model 2D sprites?
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Ah, I'd forgotten about Wings3D! I've seen that mentioned around here a few times. I guess I'll download all three modellers and try them out to see which one I like the best.

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They all seem pretty tough to me, I think it's one of those things that just "clicks" with you when you figure it out.

I know other games that use the whole 3d modelled things then taking snapshots of the model in different positions to make sprites. Back in the day when hardware wasn't so powerful that's how many games did it, including a beautiful amiga game I remember called "Stardust"

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