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So I finally managed to grasp the basics of Erlang. I wrote a Wings 3D exporter to my custom mesh format. It works except for some bad normals around creased edges. I still have to split vertices around texture seams as well.

I've tossed out vertex shader skinning because:
  • it'll be slow on old hardware and unnecessary on new hardware
  • I can optimize the CPU skinning with SIMD instructions
  • my geometry gets rendered multiple times (for shadow mapping)
  • its limited to four weights per vertex
  • it doubles the memory required to store my vertex data (from 32 to 64 bytes)
  • I'm going to need dynamic buffers anyway for vertex morphing and soft bodies
  • its taking too much time/effort (the most important one [wink])
I modelled a shrub today. The texturing is a bit blah. I think I need a digital camera for the leaves and branches. I'm also working on a thief/cut-throat character, but I'll show that in a week or so when its a bit more complete.

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