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Been a very, very long time since I last posted. I've been too wrapped up in my degree.

However, my mate and I have decided to work on a game. I've scrapped my old engine and started on a new one and hes doing most of the models and art.

Anyway, I always get a rush when I first get the blinking cursor of a console.

Heres the NanoStem Platform, first blinking cursor:

I'm using a lot of the technology I created when working on my old engine. The console is the same for instance, but I have been rewriting it so its far more efficient code wise.

(Oh, the console's background is mine- I'm quite proud of it actually [smile])

Anyway, good to have my journal back up and running

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Hey. I remember your journal was on my "must-read" list, now that you're back it looks like I have another journal to keep up with[grin]

Good Luck on your new project, and that console looks great BTW, much better than my recent attempt!

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