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Cruisin' Right Along...

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Jeez this seemed like such a short day. First off I didn't haul ass out of bed until around 1, although I had meant to get up around 12. Took care of some email and stuff and went to Kinko's around 3 to order up my business cards for Blade Edge. Went to work and coached till 7:30 and then went back to Kinko's to pick up the cards - 250 cards for $40. Not bad I guess. They'll last me a while anyways. Came home and worked on GC. Cleaned up a few bugs, made sure the audio was working okay for a full demonstration, and cleaned up some code as well.

I just finished reading through my 2005 GDC Postmortem, going to take it all to heart this year. Added a few things to my ToDo list after reading through it to make sure I'm fully prepped for next week.

But anyways it's time for my night out with the guys at the gym. Getting there later than usual thanks to all this work I gotta do but so it goes right?


P.S. - found out today that the commercial I was in still has to be approved for airing by the SpikeTV network. So it might not even ever get shown. But I still get paid so while it would be nice to see it... Keep you all posted...
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It would be really cool if this year you had video footage and (possibly) interviews of the event. Audio and/or video would be extremely cool... And keep up those late-night pictures going [smile].

This was quite funny.

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Unfortunately Oluseyi wasn't able to make it out this year, and he's our main video evangilist. We were going to have a pro video guy come out but without Seyi he honestly would have gone to waste. I know I only would have used him to maybe do some video interviews with some of the IGF finalists. So don't hold out for much video this year, although it's still a hot item we want to tackle.

And yes, I really enjoyed doing bits like the So You Wanna Be A GDNet Reporter and the "Sasquatch" sitings. I think So You Wanna will def be making a return this year, along with some other fun stuff I want to try. We'll see how it goes :)

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