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Spoke too soon.

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Apparently the offer wasn't a "hey come work for us" offer, but a "would you be open for something vaguely approaching this" offer. Complete BS, but that's what happens when you hold no leverage... Supposed to hear back by Friday.


Progress Report

I changed the logo screen (just something to play with timed events and alpha-fade-effect code) to be dynamically rendered text rather than loading a 1600x1200 png which was simply text on black. Loads much faster now, though that was a good test of the threaded loading code.

Speaking of that threaded loading code, I found and fixed a bug that the change unearthed. When the threaded loader returns, it pushes the texture it loaded to requestors. If no requestors exist [the programmer had essentially sent a pre-loading request] the code would store the texture, and set a timed event [which is a renderable object] to clean it up if it hadn't been used in 2 mins.

Well, if that was triggered at just the wrong time it would interrupt a foreach in the middle of iteration, and blow everything up. Oops.

A few quick modifications to make the general out-of-order event queue threadsafe, and all fixed.

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