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Casualties of Warcraft

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Well, this week went spectacularly. So far this week, I have not managed to post any "looking for new team members" messages.

Pretty much the only thing that I -have- managed to do is update my website. It now looks a whole lot nicer, and I can put in dynamic content. I will attempt to get a listing of projects up on the site with screenshots and downloads, so that I can show what kind of work that we have managed before.

I believe that I can put my lacking effort down to one thing, World of Warcraft. Although I have managed to put in as much time into my site development as I have in WoW this week, the remaining time still does not seem enough to get the job done. I guess it would be about time to shelf WoW, and spend the extra "free" time working on the new project.

During the last project, I actually deleted ALL games (including solitaire) from the computer. It had a great effect, I did not feel tempted in the least to "just jump in for a minute".

So I will say a quick goodbye and good luck to Finkelboffin (my gnomish mage)... may you reach 60 while I'm away...
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I actually closed my WoW account for 1 month to see how much project work I could get done and the result was amazing. It really takes an effort to pull yourself away from a game to do the 'mundane' (at least until yours is playable) tasks of programming.

Good luck with the no-game project management technique.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence. I actually cancelled my everquest account as well for the last project, so I know how much time it frees up. Hopefully I wont have to be that drastic with my wow account, I actually like playing that one :P

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