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Some Peace at Long Last!

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Well, after loafing off us for over a year, my brother-in-law finally moved out. He is moving over to the US to live with his Uncle and go to Uni over there, which has finally given us back that other bedroom. Now, to turn that into an office so I can start studying/working in there ;)

I would really recommend to anybody who is planning on having family move in and live with them: get the ground rules laid down before they step a foot through the door, or else they will treat the place worse than if it were their own, and they will treat you doubly bad. Respect for anothers property just seems to go flying out the window after they start to feel like they own the place.

Another thing... Try to recommend that either they SAVE their money, or they pay board. I got sick and tired of the fact that he was working about 12 hours a day 6 days a week, then going out buying electronic gear. I wouldn't have minded so much if he had used ONLY his gear and not ours, and BROKEN our gear in the process of using it. Includes DVD/Mp3 Player w/ Microphone (for Karaoke) and CD Player/Clock Radio.

And if you think I haven't got more to bitch about... HYGENE! OMG, the place stinks! His bathroom has more scum in it than the rest of the city from what I can gather. And he doesn't flush the fecking toilet, which I notice after the odor starts to penetrate other rooms :/

Finally his dog has gone too, which I am probably a little more sad to see leave. Habibi is a fairly good guard dog, but suffers from an inability to stfu when told, and also seems to think he is the boss of us all and snaps and generally misbehaves constantly. Not to mention that he tries to eat any guests we have over, including my father-in-law. He is simply an untrained mutt, so I really wonder how he is going to cope over in the US.

I think that is enough of a rant for today, so now that it is off my chest, I can look forward to cleaning up the two bedrooms (Mother-in-laws and Brother-in-laws boxes to be removed and placed in the ceiling). A general clean of bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc.. not to mention clearing the garden of all that dog mess.

Ah the joys of owning your own home...
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