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General update

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Download your copy of Develop Magazine

It's been out for a while now, but I got my copy of Develop through the post today. Haven't had a chance to read all of it yet, but it's the GDC special edition - it's about twice as thick as the normal edition. Looks like quite a lot of good quality material in it this month - given it's a free download you have no reason not to [wink]

A few quick updates:

Firstly, managed to get a 30% performance increase on Nvidia hardware by utilizing FP16 filtering in my dissertation project. Up until now I'd just left the bilinear filtering in a pixel shader (required for ATI hardware), but not only is it faster but the quality is marginally better by letting the hardware do it [grin]

I've worked out a way to get around the fact that I completely suck at 3D modelling with that project. The aim is to demonstrate realistic material representation - not models [wink] Thus I think I'll spend tomorrow afternoon putting together some simple cube/cylinder/sphere geometry with different materials. Create a scene with said materials and then get on with implementing the lighting models.

I'll probably post some results of that soon, but I was wondering about making it a thread in the lounge - post ~10 screenshots with no information and see if people can correctly guess what material it's supposed to be. Think that'll work?

Final thing - solved a problem with my D3D10 code earlier. Been confusing me for a few days, but turned out to be a documentation error (will report that tomorrow morning). I copy-n-pasted the depth buffering code from the doc's (curiously, none of the tutorials use depth buffering [oh]) and one of the flags used is the OPPOSITE of what it should be. The net result is that it's functionally equivalent to D3D9's ZWRITEENABLE = FALSE [rolleyes]

Hopefully have some D3D10 material for you guys soon.
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30% increase! So Nvidia FP16 filtering isn't just a marketing hype.

Just use what all researchers use at one point or another, the stanford bunny!

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I actually got the PDF version of Develop this morning. Very nice, though with a lot of ads, just as many as the US game developer magazine.

I suppose that's to be expected.

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Well my results might not be indicative of FP16 blending being good, more that it's substantially better than trying to implement it yourself [grin]

As for adverts in Develop - I kinda like looking through the adverts. Unlike most other magazines they're the sort of adverts that are quite focused and applicable... I might never buy any of the products, but I do use it to keep myself aware of whats-what [smile]


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