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Sorry I haven't posted guys, I've been screwing around (playing KotOR, KotOR II, Half-Life 2, and CounterStrike: Source).

Is it just me, or is enumerating device support for Direct3D a extremely difficult? I had the code right in front of me and I still worked on it for like 8 hours. But, I have it figured out perfectly (I think). I have a little window that pops up and shows the default adapter's description/name, lets you choose from available resolutions (32 bit only, because in the test I set the minimum to 32 bits) and windowed or fullscreen. Although, since its 4am and I haven't been feeling good, it doesn't do anything because I coded the window a little backwards. But, it displays the right info, so that's test enough for me.

EDIT: Ok, so I've decided since I have the most experience in 2D systems, I'm going with that. Our second game will probably be 2D also (since it will be a sequal to our first one), but I'm not sure about our third.

You probably won't be getting too many updates from me in the next week, so that I can focus on coding the rest of DFT and then the 2 GCL libraries. I will, however, update the lists at the top of the page every night before I go to bed.
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Fell asleep early last night and forgot to update the list. I finished the Direct3D and DirectInput classes (didn't even modify the DirectInput class, other than removing its singleton data.)

So, evidentally I'm suffering from Singletonitis, and as of right now I only plan on making 3 of my classes singletons:
Manager (and derived classes of course)
I wouldn't really say I was suffering from Singletonitis, since I only had 5 singletons (DebugOutput, Direct3D, DirectInput (I was using this in around 8 helper functions like my KeyIdToChar() function, plus the user's input handling), My resource managers, and my GUI enviroment class.

My weekend is going to go like so:
TexturePool (working on this now)
Vertex2, Vertex3, and VertexBuffer

As you can probably see, I also removed GCL and GCL2 because I'm switching around some of the classes and I am also going to gear my engine towards making 3D RPGs similiar to the SnowBlind engine. I'm not planning on adding a moving camera (it will rotate and such, just not up and down.) So, the game is going to be postponed until I can learn some simple terrain rendering stuff (splatting, heightmaps, scenegraphs, etc). So I have a lot of work to do [sad], but the game will turn out better in the long run. It will also give my brother some time to experiment with drawings. I'll probably update the list around 4am, maybe a little later (depending on when I get tired).

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