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Space combat prototype - phase 2

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The combat prototype is advancing well. Before i continue on more technical things as usual, let's see who's been doing what:

- Shawn is working on the space station interior. He has started to model the station with the design i showed in my last dev journal post. However, as he's a real artist ( unlike me ), he made a very clean and nicely done mesh. With the latest update today, i've been playing with physics and collisions in it, adjusted some controls / thrusters so that ships can dock easily, etc.. The station is made of half a hundred "alcoves" ( for the lack of a better word ). An alcove corresponds to a landing volume reserved for a single ship. There are many alcoves of different sizes all over the station. In order to dock, a ship will have to fly through the station, align itself on top of the alcove, and then "land" by using the vertical thruster. The station will be missing from the space combat prototype.

- Starbrow is working on a simple H.U.D.: status bars / speed, radar, chat / info box, etc..

- JoeB is adding details to his battleship, which will be included in the prototype. He'll also work on a simple laser mine.

- Kaboom22 is finishing his interceptor. mostly a few smoothing problems remaining. Will be included in the prototype.

- A few other people are working on misc. ships. Might or not get included in the prototype depending on the state / quality of the results.

- Oski is working on his battle song, and might try to get another one done.

- Two other people ( John and Marc ) have stated that they were interested in working on Infinity - as a test, i gave them a few tasks to complete for the prototype, respectively: sound effects, and particle effects.

- And Koshime is still producing a lot of concept art, not just for the prototype.

Programming update:

- added and adjusted ship-specific physics parameters
- server is currently disabled ( while testing some code )
- fixed bugs in collisions / contact points
- integrated modular objects, that can break ( like Kaboom's interceptor, can loose its wings )
- added thrusters and modified physics to make use of them instead of applying forces directly. Thrusters can also be attached to a ship module, so that when a ship looses its wing, the thrusters are no longer acting on the ship.
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Great to hear that things are progressing so well. [smile]
I wish that I had the time to get in on the prototype testing, but I really need more programming done.

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