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If you haven't already got one...

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.. then go out and buy an XBox 360 controller, damn that thing is nice.

I brought one today as my two old controllers dont work with my system (no game port for my old MS controller and my newer Brand X controller doesnt do 64bit drivers... )and I've just spent the better part of the last 6h playing FF7 (the joys of software rendered games...) and its so nice to use its unreal [smile]

No worries about drivers either, just plugged it in and let the windows hardware detection thing work its magic and bish bash bosh, it detects the XBox360 controller with no problem at all.

Now, all I need are more games which use a joypad... *eyes FF8 which is sitting near by*

GP2x Related gubbins will be returning soon, right now due to 'stuff' I'm not in a coding mood and I'm just relaxing playing games [smile]
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They had a couple of the systems set up at the mall a while ago and although I didn't really want to play the games they had setup, I had a chance to look at the console and the controllers themselves and have to say they've really gone clean with the design.

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Need some games for it? Well, you could grab an N64 emulator and some ROMs (obviously, only ROMs of games you own) and have a blast. Some of the recent emus aren't bad either; Zelda:OoT looks quite nice at 1280x1024 with 6x AA. [wink]

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