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Ringneck continues

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So it's been spring break this week, and I've been working on my own stuff for a change, instead of doing some very necessary school stuff. But anyway, I made a few additions to the Ringneck version of the SnakeEngine and also a few to my Samus Sprite Engine :).

In case you don't want to read all of my journal to find out what I'm talking about, I'm making what is basically an OpenGL wrapper library in C++, humorously called the "SnakeEngine". It's versions, rather than 1.0, 1.5b, etc, are names of snakes. While it remains 2D (no 3D model support) the versions will be names of non-venomous snakes, I started with Garter and am now working on Ringneck.

The SamusSE is just something that uses the SnakeEngine to display and animate sprites I've made. Named after the first sprite I animated.

For Ringneck, it now supports infinitely scrolling tiled backgrounds (or foregrounds...). Nothing special, but I can set it's range in 4 directions (top bottom left right), and any of those can be infinity. It has a "primary tile" which will be what is shown when it doesn't know what else to show, but any tile position can be set to some other tile. I haven't messed around with it much, so I'm not sure how well it will work out, but so far it does what I need.

To test it, and some mouse input, I made my MouseInputGame:

I also added some texture functionality, such as creating textures by passing in an array of data rather than a filename to load, and also the ability to give textures aliases and also swap out textures whenever. Normally, when a texture is loaded, it's name is saved and whenever something wants to load that texture it just returns the id of the already loaded texture, so it isn't loaded a bunch of times. But now I can load textures a bunch of times. This way I can have lots of things with the same image, but be able to modify one without all things with that texture changing. Which I need to do for my barriers in space invaders.

For the SamusSE, I just added more animation styles, in addition to loop and pingpong, I now have looponce, pingonce, and play. The difference between loop once and play is that play stops on the last frame rather than reseting to the first. Clearly the this sprite engine isn't terribly far along since it didn't already have those.

Anyway, then I felt like making Space Invaders, because I want to basically start over with my game making hobby. So, start with small stuff, just to get some more completed projects and practice, and its easier to work on small projects than it is on large, overwhelming stuff.

So, here it is:

And here it is if you want to play:
Aliens What Which Fall From the Heavens and Drop Bombs or Missiles or Something

Let me know if there are any bugs...if you play. If you don't that's understandable, space invaders isn't exactly the most fun and exciting game in the world. Also, this was more of a personal project than anything, which is why I'm not putting it in the showcase, I'm not really looking for feedback on the game, and there are already some perfectly good space invader games in the showcase already. Mine has a really cool ship explosion though :).

Anyway, it's hard work programing until 4+ in the morning every night listening to Tatu, so I totally need some sleep.

Edit: I just realized the weird graphical error looking things at the top of the Space Invaders pic, I'm not sure what that is, but I didn't see it when I took the screen shot...
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