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GDC coming up

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The GDC is next week, and most of the Gamedev press-monkeys will be there.

I will not. I just decided I needed a vacation, as I realized it had been years since I saw anything new there, and I needed a break for a year or two.

Keep an eye on the gamedev front page. For the Nth year in a row, I screamed "YOU GUYS NEED TO ADVERTISE YOUR COVERAGE" followed by the guys saying "yeah, we really need to make sure everybody's worked up to see the coverage when it starts". . .followed by them not doing anything.

At least they got the IGF interviews up. Last year they didn't post one of my interviews until two months after the GDC was over.

Oh well. I'll still be reading the coverage. You should too.
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I'm definitely gonna be reading the GDNet coverage. Sadly it's about as close to the GDC as I'm able to get [sad]

One of you staff people should put out a forum-wide announcement in bigger letters (preferrably also with flashing neon lights) informing the general (GDNet) population...


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I think Drew is going to be writing something up of what's planned on Monday and I'll be right on putting it on the front page [wink].

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