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Another change of direction

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Hi all! In case anybody reads this thing, sorry not to have updated it for so long. As I am easily distracted by random things, I got myself one of those "open" handheld gaming/media devices called the "gp2x" and have been having a lot of fun writing code for it.

I released a game called "Vektar" -- an arcade-style abstract 2D shooter, which has been reasonably well received, and will probably continue playing around with the gp2x for a while, since I'm having fun doing it.
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I was thinking of buying a GP2X but I found a large portion of the non-development community (i.e. the majority of GP2X users) to be extremely irritating when the GP32 was around.

I still think the only software that gets any respect on that platform are emulators.

I would like to see screenshots of your software, maybe a recompile for the PC?

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The gp2x is pretty fun to develop for, just install a gcc toolchain and off you go. There's a simple screenshot at:


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> What have you put on the GP2X so far?

I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you're asking what code I've written for it, the link in my previous note is to the only thing I've done so far, a game called "Vektar".

If you're wondering what other software I've installed, I just play around with the other homebrew games so far.

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