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Another week of Frustration.

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So that temp job passed by. Apparently I'm untrustworthy since a few of my past coworkers were convicted of computer crimes (I worked in computer security, it's not uncommon for people there to have, let us say... 'practical experience'). Or because I joke about it. Or maybe my ludicrous post-temporary salary demands (75% of the mean entry level software engineer's salary in this area) put them off.


Moe Progress Report

- Added code to handle most of the pre-game communication. The server now stores user Race Customization picks, and 'ready' states. The client now triggers events on the 'ready' confirmations; currently just dumps a ready msg to the ChatDisplay.
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Wait: You can actually legally be rejected for a job because of your co-workers' criminal histories?

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To my knowledge, Minnesota state labor law allows for me to not be hired [or fired, or to quit] for any reason that is not explicitly illegal. Such as asking if I was married [which these asshats did].

For practical concerns it comes down to me proving that is the reason I was not hired. They can quite easily just say I wasn't hired because I wasn't qualified and offer up a copy of my resume; or simply deny asking the forbidden question.

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