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Best blonde joke ever

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I found #REMOVED# and just had to pass it on.

Oh, and I finished my texture pool and vertexbuffer class. On to my indexbuffer, yay!

Edit: Ok, I removed it because I found some websites that just had endless insults and such because some people just can't take the fact that they don't catch on quick, and since I don't have the power to delete posts, its going bye-bye. Sorry guys!
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I kind of figured it wouldn't work on you guys when I figured it out after 2 clicks. So, if you have a younger sibling or something, show it to them, I garauntee you'll laugh (unless you have some sort of sick & twisted sense of humor).

Edit: Ok, I was going to revert back to singletons since not using them complicated my code like ten-fold, but I think I'm just going to remove my index/vertex buffer classes since I can't batch really good with them, and a few other unoptimiseable caveats. So, sticking with just the 4 singletons and removing my vertex and indexbuffer classes... hope I don't regret this :(. Although, it won't really matter because once I get the first game finished I'm refactoring and recoding the engine, since it looks really hacked together right now (which it is :D).

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